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all those stories... which don't get to see the light of the day just 'cos they aren't big enough to fit the standards...

Friday, 21 June 2013


"Human instinct is the first line of defense against terrorism. It was a proven fact that human intuition was a more accurate detector of danger than all the electronic gear in the world -the gift of fear, as one of their security reference books termed it." 

- Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol)


They were on their first trip together as a family. His dream to show his 9 year old daughter the wonder that is India. He too, as a child, would have loved to travel. But his family never had the money to take vacation trips besides two yearly trips to the movies and then the cheap food stalls of the beach.

And then the birth of his daughter. Against the instincts of his mother who said it would be a boy. And yet his joy knowing no bounds when the tiny palm held on to his finger. Against his strong objections, the horoscope of his child was made. And his curiosity that made him peek into it. Ha, the bunkum that is these horoscopes. And yet against his instincts he put a red ruby on a platinum chain on his daughter’s neck.

While their house boat drifted over the backwaters of Kerala, he fell into a beer-drunk, lulling reverie. He never knew a daughter could so change a man’s life. … change a boy into a man. The feeling when the nurse put a dirty slimy…. thing into his arms and he kissed it (because science said that the kiss would make a permanent bond between father and child). How he changed the dining room of his house into a nursery the best toys and clothes were bought.  A full library was created even before her birth. Admission was secured in the best preschool and then school of their suburb.   How he stayed awake that entire night, when she had fever, putting wet mops on her forehead. How he shaved his own head off, to be with her when her ceremonial shaving was done. Her first fall from the cycle, her first cut, her first school play, her first picnic and how he followed the school bus in his car.

And……..suddenly his drunken, semi lucid, thoughts were broken by a scream. The house boat had dashed against another and was taking in water. He jumped up and rushed to look for his daughter. She wasn’t in the room. He rushed out to check the front deck, where she loved to sit while the boat glided over the waters. He saw his daughters head bobbing in the water. He just jumped into the water. He did not know swimming. But his precious daughter was drowning. He first went down, took water into his lungs, came up coughing, saw his daughters head and grabbed on to her hair. The water sucked him down again, his lungs took more water, he started thrashing. His daughter had somehow entangled her arms around his neck. They went down again and this time he started suffocating, drowning . He thrashed, bucked wildly as a dying man would, pried open her grip on his neck and gasped out onto the surface, where an arm caught him and held onto him. He could see the red ruby descending the depths.

“Adddddaaaahhhhhh”, he screamed in despair, agony and sucking in air…… as his instinct for survival won.



She cupped her hands and blew her warm breath on them to infuse some heat….. and maybe luck. She was putting quite a lot on this one move. Could she trust her instincts?
And her mind fell into a thought. What is instincts?

Is it the known drive for procreation that makes a lion kill all the pups of a lioness so that she will mate with him?

Is it the will to survive that makes a mother pigeon fight for her eggs against a parliament of crows.

Or is the instinct of the Bomb squad expert which makes him cut that one wire, safely?

Is it the feeling that makes a mother shield her daughter when an abusive father is trying to hit her?

Is it the same feeling that makes a man take a right turn …… or left when standing at a fork road on the Express way?

Is it the feeling which stops a girl from going out with that rich, charming and dashing guy because something “doesn’t feel right about him”.

Is it the feeling that makes one girl look in onto her friend when in a drinking rave party at the college jam session?

Or is it the instinct of the student who studies one chapter more thoroughly before the exam?

Or is it that inbred, genetic knowledge in the DNA that tells a man where exactly to put in his willy during his first encounter of sex?

Is it that feeling which tells a man which friend he should not loan his hard earned money to?

Is it that butterflies in the stomach, which forewarn a man about some ominous happening?

Is it that sense, which tells a girl which mismatched colors will look good together, on her.?

Is it that sense, which tells a girl which guy to say yes to, in the traditional set up of an Indian marriage?

Or is it the feeling which makes a drowning man abandon all else and take care of his own life?

Or is the writers feeling that makes him write a story in a particular manner, knowing that his readers might not appreciate it?

But all her deliberations were interrupted by the cry that went around the Racecourse. The horses were nearing the finishing line. She too screamed at the excitement of the end of the race. Horse number 6, the Yellow Streaker had won. The horse that she had bet on, because of the name Blue Thunder, had lost. She had bet against all odds, against all bettors knowledge. She had bet her entire life’s savings on nothing else, but just her instincts. And now she had lost…….. And now she had lost the last chance to pay off her debtors, the money she had lost on IPL betting…….. And the goons would be at her door soon. To demand payment, in cash or in kind….. again and again. She again faced the dark thoughts, which had surfaced some days ago, asking her to kill herself…….. or would she just trust her instincts…… and take another last chance…… and place that last bet….. if only she had the money….. how could she get that sum she needed to save herself…. Her mind started racing again.  


Soul Instinct

The very first time we had a fight, we did not make an eye contact for so long that after a while, it was how it seemed to have been from the start. Since always. Two animals had tasted blood and there was no coming back. But we followed our soul instincts. We knew and did better. 

We got back. Held hands and took some days off. Then it all seemed to work. 

We progressed. Made promises post wild love. We had found our world until our world found us in those unsuspecting moments during all those months of bickering and bitterness, while plates got thrown and the hatred grew.  
It showed itself to us in the cumbersome sadness and in our castrating madness.  It was in the fresh accuses and the stale abuses, in tumblers cracked and hurled, hair strands torn and curled.   
In the end it became us once the denial was dysfunctional. And it felt real. More than ever.


The Package

The commotion of the crowd portrayed the onset of a busy day.Asif carried his box of shoe-polish with a strap, hanging on his left shoulder. He rattled it with a metal spool, alerting the people.Some would ask him to  get their shoes polished. Asif loved the business.

He had a job to do today. He was instructed by some people to run an errand. They had promised him five hundred rupees. Greed and need got the better of our 11-year old Asif and he agreed.They handed him a small package, to carry it to the farther side of the station (the busiest platform, that is) . He had to keep the package under the water cooler there and return. Thus he set out.

He reached platform-6, placed the package and waited for a few minutes. People looked at him,yet no one was bothered to ask. Being sure that he did that right, he returned from the platform. 

He waited for some time. The handlers came soon, gave him the 500-rupee note, and bid him goodbye.

"Now we wait." One of them said to the other. 

The day transformed to noon and proceeded to the darkness of night. Asif's handlers went to platform 6, retrieved the package, and three people followed them back. 

" We got the full recording of the day." one of the three responded.


"and..many people saw him place the package. Even the guards did. But no one came to inquire about it. You can see the reaction of the people there. Here, take a look." 

He passed on the handycam. The first guy saw the recording, and sighed. His instincts were right. Nobody really cared.

He was now assured that his plan would work.



“Watch it carefully.”

G looks at her again this time with an inherent gaze commemorating something archaic and dear. She was busy with her girlfriends chatting, playing and sharing in an absolute merriment.

“Watch it carefully.” Says D in a soft whispering voice but with a strong emphasis.

She waves to a mutual friend sitting next to G. Being a reserved personality he had hidden his feeling from everyone very dexterously. He is extremely skillful in concealment and benign deception. His eyes get affixed on her again. He sees...

A Raven is trying to pick off a lustrous golden mango from the branch of a Goliath tree. One look of which can effortlessly leave you spellbound.

“Are you watching it?”


“Do you want it? You have to know that you want it” says D.

“What do you mean father?” little G relaxes his grip on the tensed thread of the bow.

“Son, choosing a goal alone for our life is not important. You have to know that the thing for which you are giving our life is the very thing you want” preached little G fastening the yarn on the bow. “Now, do you know that you want it?” giving the bow back to little G.

“Yes I know I want her” Says G with a sufficing smile, sill beholding the girl musingly.

The girl looks back. Their eyes locked. Everything else becomes vague only her manifestation is evident... and the arrow and suddenly...  

The Raven looks back at him. Little G locked his eyes at it. Everything else becomes vague only its manifestation is evident... and her eyes.

“Remember! You know you want it” whispers D.

Little G relinquishes the arrow from the arc. The arrow swiftly cuts the mango from the branch and sends the Raven back to where it came from, startled.

“Go ahead son, pickup your prize. You did well today.” Says D taking the bow from little G “and remember...”

YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT YOU WANT IT” both the sire and the progeny speaks in harmony.

“Now go get it, your mother will be waiting for you and her birthday present” tells D playfully pushing little G towards the tree.

G quickly stands and walks towards her seating with a surety in his eyes.

G asks “Excuse me?”

“Yes” she answered with a perceiving grin.

My name is G and you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. I am here because I know that I want to be with you. Would you like to be my friend?



There are a lot of moments in life when we have to take important decisions. And we should know that we are the sole person responsible for the outcome of our decisions.

I have had many moments in my life where I had to take responsible decisions and at those times I have solely depended on my instincts. I am a successful engineer now working in a top IT company as senior software analyst.

Six years ago when I was in my last year of college I faced a big decision, should I go for higher studies or get a job in any company that comes my way. The jobs were scarce at that time and every one was fighting for a post in any company; big or small. A lot of my batch mates were already placed in some company and this fact was putting a lot of pressure on me. My parents too, were against the idea of going for higher studies, they wanted me to start earning.

But I had always dreamt of getting into a reputed college and pursuing higher studies. Opinions and advices started pouring in from everywhere. I have always believed in one thing - listen to everyone but do what your instinct says and that is what I did.

While all my friends were running for jobs I moved to Delhi and rented a small room for preparing for those exams which would open the doors to my dream college. I chose Delhi because it had many institutes which could ably guide students with the preparation for such exams. After some time my parents started supporting my effort too and finally my hard work paid off. I got into a good college which ultimately helped me getting a good job.

Now when I look back the only thought that strikes me is that it was wise on my part to trust my instincts because it were my instincts only that helped me to reach the respectable position I am in now.


Walking towards Goal

Samar was a medical student and he was studying in the second year of MBBS.  Though he could have a good education, good life with a tag of ‘Doctor’, still somewhere somewhat he was not satisfied and was feeling incomplete. He always felt he was going towards the direction where he didn’t want to go.

Samar’s passion and desire were always towards sports, especially towards football. He was also his school’s football team captain and he always loved to play football whenever he got free time.

But he realized about his passion towards football when he had already started moving on his path towards medical. Now Samar was in a dilemma as he had two options whether to continue the path which he had already chosen and earn good recognition with the title or whether to follow his passion towards football.  

Though Samar knew his passion towards football still he felt it’s not always right choice to follow passion rather one should continue on the path which he already have chosen as life. Samar had taken his decision against his instinct to follow his passion, rather he continued on the path which he has already selected.

We all have instincts towards certain things. But all time it is not necessary that it leads to right direction. It may lead to wrong direction also.


A Mother's love

Kavya had a happy family with her 6 months old daughter, Divya and husband, Punit.

That day Kavya was on terrace to dry the washed clothes. Punit had gone to office and Divya was sleeping. Suddenly Kavya felt the tremors of earthquake and then saw that a crowd had gathered on the road. She had no idea what was happening. She rushed to downstairs and saw other residents of the building rushing outside. Her sixth sense was telling her that something bad has happened. She lost her sense and fell on the ground.

The building where kavya's family lived was in a deplorable state. Municipality had given them several notices but they had always been ignored. Mostly middle class family lived there because of the affordable rent.

Punit tried to call Kavya but nobody replied. He was so anxious for his wife & daughter. Around 2 am when a member of the rescue team went for the last time to see whether someone was trapped inside. He heard a woman's voice. He went in the direction of the voice to find its source. He saw a hand of a woman under debris. He went to her for rescue. Her hand was trapped under a heavy beam & it was bleeding profusely. Her pulse rate was running very slow. She was murmuring "Save my daughter first. There she is. Please save her first."
He went to the direction & saw a baby,deeply sleeping .He took her in  his lap & told her," She is fine. Don't worry. I need help to rescue you."

When the rescue team went to rescue Kavya ,she was already dead.

A mother loves her child unconditionally. She can do anything to protect her child from danger. Kavya wanted to save her child till her last breath.


Killed By Instinct

Five feet nine tall, smooth brown skin, slender yet curvy where it counted, rounded cheeks and curly black hair that kissed her shoulders, Jennifer Browne was a striking beauty. Academically she was one of the brightest students in every institution that she had set foot in.

Beauty and brains, always a lethal combination.

She could have become anything that she wanted and yet she chose a profession which was perilous, where each day started with an uncertainty of survival beyond the moment. Yet, in a short span of time, she had made a name for her as one of DC’s finest.

It was another day at the office for Detective Browne, She was to catch a bunch of thieves red handed smuggling stolen antiques to another country. Both Detective Browne and her partner Ray were getting desperate, sitting in the car, waiting for their back up to arrive.

Time was running out, the thief’s stooges had almost emptied the warehouse and soon would complete their job.

Jennifer checked her watch and without saying a word, she walked out of the car. Ray followed suit, he trusted Jennifer and knew she was good at what she did.

Both with their guns drawn entered the warehouse But the stooges had made a run for it as soon as they heard the breaking of the door & the loud call of “FBI”. Jennifer and Ray split; she followed a guy whom she suspected to be the leader. After a small chase he had entered another room.

The room was dark, filled with huge boxes & he was nowhere in sight. Suddenly a couple of shots were fired; Jennifer took cover and waited to retaliate. She heard the creak of the door; he was making a move towards it.  She knew what she had to do if & when the door had opened.

She tried to stop herself but her Instincts had taken over, years of training were put to use. She raised her gun in classic weaver stance, her grip properly braced and fired 3 shots in the Kill zone.

He was dead before he hit the ground. It was only when the light hit his face she knew what she had done.

Her Instincts had overshadowed her Judgment. She had shot her, best friend, her fiancé, her partner Ray, who was entering to back her up.

(Based on an Unaccounted event & Characters from James Twinnings Double Eagle.)


Intuitive Love

They were celebrating their 21st marriage anniversary. After the party ended, they moved towards their room.

He was following her. He suddenly hugged her from behind, to her surprise & utters, “Its’s been 21 years, I’m still enduring you, I can’t believe it, you are amazing Neha,” he giggles.

She, “yeah & it’s a glee to put up with all your bad habits, you still leave the wet towel on bed, you make a mess of bed linen, you never help me in household, but when you kiss me on cheek stealthily while I’m busy working is the sweetest thing you always do,” she chuckles.

He, “thanks for accepting me the way I’m, thanks for loving me this way, I’m so lucky to have you.”

She, “love in not just about the smiles we share, one has to put up with the bad habits of their partner too; love is not a cake walk.”

He, “thats so true Neha, like I endure with your stubborn attitude since day one,” he teases her.

She nudges him in the ribs & he tickles her.

They playfully retire to bed & lying side by side, he recalls, “21 years back, when I first time saw your picture, I had an intuition that this girl shall be my wife, I don’t know why, my inner voice told me that she’s the one”

She replied, “so did my instinct told me, when I first time looked at your picture, I knew from that very moment, you’re the only one for me” she smiled.

He, “and then I just couldn’t listen to anybody except the voice calling my heart, coming out of your picture.”

She gets up from bed & holds in her hand the photoframe lying beside their bed, on the table & shows it to him, their first pictures they saw & fell for each other.


Winner Takes It All

His “Spidey” sense was working overtime today. “Killer Instincts" was what his friends called him.
Taking one last look at his work, He stepped on the gas and hit the road. His work there was done.

The D day had arrived. The clash of the titans for the coveted NPower football championship. The Red Giants were to take on The Royal Blues in an epic final.

Jose, the Reds coach was with his team. He was taking them through the pre-match warm up and practice. He'd noticed that the team was quite nervous. He signaled his team to round up.

"Guys, I want you All to give your 100% while playing today. I know each one of you is a bit nervous on how to tackle Micheal’s goal scoring streak. But remember, if we stick to our style of play, we can literally reduce them to shreds. I believe in each one of you, question is, DO YOU?" Jose could sense that the team looked upbeat and ready.

Just then Thomas called him on his cell. "My Office, Now!!!”. Thomas was the director of The Red Giants Football Club and also was a footballer himself

Jose knocked "May I come in"...

"Oh cut the crap old man... Come on in and sit" Thomas exclaimed.

Jose wondered what was so important just 10 minutes to the game. But all he could manage was a smile.

"So, the lads ready for the game eh?" Thomas asked.

"Of course, the preps have been fantastic. I am confident about the team." Jose spoke.

"And, you have made any special arrangement for handling Michael" Thomas winked.

"What, No No. No special plans. Our gameplay is our strength you know that Thomas" Jose remarked.

"To hell with your game play Jose. I know Michael won’t be playing today for the Blues.They say he met with a freak accident yesterday night and fractured his toe. Now all of us know that without Michael, their team doesn’t have a chance."

"Oh yes sir, but they also do have other players!!!" and Jose sarcastically spoke while smiling devilishly.

Thomas rose from his desk, went towards Jose's chair and putting his hand on Jose's shoulder,
"Well played boy. You, my man, are the Man of the Match today. You almost single handedly won Reds the match"

"Actually I use both my hands while driving Thomas" Jose remarked and both shared a laugh.

"By the way, did you wipe the blood off your car" Thomas enquired.

"Not a trace" Jose rose from his chair and waved goodbye, while he could hear the sound of the fans cheering Reds 2nd goal in 10 minutes.


Theme for the next week : FEAR

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