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Friday, 7 June 2013

Micro Fiction - Hope

My story of Hope

Usually you would find my story at the very end of any Micro Fiction collection. But this time I come to fore, to welcome you all to this exclusive blog for Micro Fiction. The happiness is much more now. This exclusivity was a hope which was dependent upon the contributions and support that I was to receive for Micro Fiction. There were always those doubts as to whether I would receive enough stories to put it forth as a collection or not. But every time I have doubted myself, I've had people whom I lovingly call my Team Micro Fiction behind me, supporting me and restoring my hopes and faith. They taught me to be hopelessly hopeful, and I can't be more thankful to them.


Value of Hope?

Had I known that heaving sighs can dry the marrow and shake the soul, I would have probably come prepared. Because tonight I would rather die than cry. Being a man sure is a curse. You eventually have to unearth everything. Treasures, secrets, love. And not knowing that the heart is but a black spot on the sun of your being.

Had I known all this, I would have come prepared. But now living is not an option. I hope that death contains much less than this.

But what is the value of hope post blackout?


The Ray of Hope

It was around 5:30 in the evening, she waited outside Dr. Ranjan’s  cabin along with her Dad and Mom. The biopsy report of her Dad that she held in her hands vividly stated that the tumor is malignant. She knew what the consequences could be, her inner self was trembling with the fear that she’s going to lose her Dad but on the outside she knew that she has to be the strength of her family. Her Mom asked “Beta, your Dad is going to be fine, hai na?” She composed herself a bit and replied “Mumma don’t worry he is going to be okay.”

The receptionist called out her Dad’s name. Though with a heavy heart got, she anyhow gathered the courage to face the situation ahead of her and made way to Dr. Ranjan’s cabin with her Dad. Her Dad was being examined while she sat quietly. The doctor elucidated about how the treatment procedure is going to be like and the other mandatory details. He asked his secretary to escort her Dad to the waiting lounge. And then he asked her, “Why you are so tensed my dear?” She burst into tears and asked, “Will you be able to save my Dad?” He replied, “I put all possible efforts from my end while I treat my patients, but I’m not God my child, to let you know the number of days a cancer patient can survive.”

“That ‘Ray of Hope’ might not clearly be visible to you as of now, rather if you dim your sorrows and set aside the burden of your worries, you can envision where your whole family is rejoicing over your Dad’s win over this dreadful disease” ,he explained her further. “So, do you mean that my Dad’s going to be alright?” she asked inquisitively. He answered, “Hold on to your hopes as high as you could, have faith in the Almighty and above that never ever let hopelessness strike a chord with your Dad.” A smile appeared on her face. “Now this smile is what your Dad needs, always have this smile on your face, coz this alone can pave the way for curing your Dad.” She wiped off the tears from her face, stood up and thanked him for making her realize the essence of hope in life and left.

Though the present day scenario is that her Dad is no more but this whole thing was a learning chapter in her life that had left a remarkable impact on her. 

P.S. the girl whom you read about is no one but me; it’s a true story from my life.



Those were the ancient times when things appeared to be easy but were not as easy as they looked. Arjun was born in a middle class family and had an elder brother. His father was a local real-estate broker, while his mother was a house wife. His elder brother, Ajay, was not in good terms with the family and used to squander away all of his father’s earnings in gambling and drinking. No one, in the family liked it, but since he was a part of the family, he was being consented.

It was the night of 22nd December, 1986 when massive stone pelting started outside their house. Everyone was aghast with the happenings. Ajay had lost 10 lakh rupees and had ran away from the club. The money lenders were now behind him. They set their home ablaze and his mother and father succumbed to the suffocation and burns. Fortunately, Arjun and Ajay were able to escape. They made a way out and after that day they both went and settled in the city of Goa.

Ajay was still insecure because the money lenders had contacts in every city and he knew that he wasn’t safe in Goa as well. Even after all this he didn’t quit gambling and then came that woeful day when a shooter of those lenders shot him in the head.

Arjun knew after his parents died, that he was their only hope left who would bring Ajay back to the right track or make him leave for the right one. It was Arjun who had informed the lenders, where they could find his brother.He did this because he knew Ajay wasn’t going to change. Arjun had to clear their family’s name.  Later, He went on to become the A.C.P of Goa Police. He had to fulfill his father’s last wish.


Journey Of A Player

Ankur was a below-average student of a village. He had no ambition in his life. His father was a rikshaw puller.His parents never expected good result.

Suresh, the new physical education teacher of his school came from a city. Once He was passing through the football ground, when he saw Ankur playing with a football made of rags.The next day Suresh spoke to Ankur’s father and told him about his bright future.
His father told "I am a Rikshaw puller.I can't afford Ankur's training expenses." Suresh assured him and told "I don't want to lose the talent. I will go to city tomorrow and take him to my friend's football coaching institute. Don't worry; I will do whatever I can for him."

Suresh was like an angel for Ankur.He helped him in studies also so that He could secure the decent marks.Ankur practiced everyday in the best football club of the city. Within few games itself the selectors noticed him and he soon went on to play district levels.

Within 1 year, he had proved his parents wrong and went to SAI.

Now he is a renowned football player of India. He gifted his father a brand new maruti.
When Ankur had no idea what to do with his life, Suresh showed him a new ray of hope. Suresh knew how to choose a diamond from shiny stones. Ankur just believed him and hoped for a dream to come true.


The Competition

"I hope he wins." She prayed.

"I hope she wins." He prayed.

A contract with a popular music studio, two world tours in three years, and a huge cash prize- yes, this is how a dream should begin. For him, it was all about winning for the money , for the fame , for the prosperity that it will bring. He did not care for the art; music and singing came to him naturally, almost as God's gift. She, on the other hand, loved to sing. Music shaped the essence of her livelihood. The recognition was secondary for her.

They had come a long way- from growing up together, attending the same school, sharing a liking for each other but hiding it all the time- yes, the path was never so easy, but the journey made both of them wiser. And then arrived the news- a competition that will blow the senses of the nation away, that would bridge many gaps, and would bring so many new divides. And as the judgment day came closer, the divide between those two became wider.

The night of the finale was here. The two finalists were waiting and in a few moments, their fate would be decided. 

"I hope he wins." She prayed.

"I hope she wins." He prayed.

At this moment of immense anxiety,she decided to hold his hand and close her eyes.
"...and the winner is- Suhasini Arora!"

Fireworks followed immediately. The outcry of the audience was deafening.He came closer to her and whispered:

"I won it this time." 

"You surely did, huh! Okay, my treat, but don't leave a hole in my pocket okay?"
He smiled at her, and they started getting up from their seats.

"And turn the TV off, my head hurts with that stupid Suhasini's singing!" she smirked.


Hope…. Keep It Alive..

Ranjan and Radhika became good friends after some period of time. Their thoughts were same as their relationship status. Both were single and heartbroken. Both had no courage to express their feelings. Although Radhika had been in a relationship in the past but now she was single. And on other hand Ranjan had been in a one sided relationship in the past and had got rejected. Both were looking for a comfort zone which they found in each other’s company.

After sharing their thoughts and understandings, Ranjan started liking Radhika. But since he didn’t want to lose Radhika he never expressed his feeling for her. On other end Radhika was confused or looked so. She liked another guy but she had same problem that she couldn’t express her feelings for him (other guy).

Ranjan kept his hope alive that one day Radhika would understand his feelings and would start to like him, at the same time Radhika was hoping that the other guy would understand her feelings. Ranjan took the first step and started to give her some indications about his feelings indirectly because he didn’t have any more courage left to face that situation of her rejection. As he expected she told him NO. And here his HOPES end, his dreams shattered.

But Ranjan is not much bothered about this now because it was not new. He understands that there is no way that a beautiful girl will accept an average looking boy. He knows that he doesn’t deserve it. But this time he has decided that he will not fall for someone whom he likes, he will fall for someone who likes him. Although he knows that there is less number of people on this planet, who will like him, but he has kept his HOPE alive, because he knows that it is the only thing that will keep him alive.

Blog -

Joke a Hope

HOPE. It’s a joke right? What kind of stupid and silly thing is that? Hope... phss my sweet pope. Hope is nothing but a byproduct of Fear. It’s for weak and miserable who wants to keep on clinging to the pseudo-future and refuse to let go of their past. Hope is just a pity excuse...

“Excuse me!”

“Hahn!” He woke up startled.

What the fuck! Was I sleeping? It was a dream. oh Shit man! I slobbered all over myself. It is an indispensable class and i...

“Excuse me!”

“Haan, oh hey! I didn't sleep last night therefore...oh shit! Sorry” whipping the saliva from his chin and neck

“This happens when I hadn't taken full rest but I don’t snore... not... that this piece of information is pivotal to your life”


Holy shit! She is talking to me and here I am blathering.
Keep your calm, relax. Try to perform your normal sensory actions.
This could be the beginning of the greatest dream.

“I am sorry I jabber if woken from an ill-timed sleep. I didn’t abuse anybody in my sleep, did I?”
You are doing it again.

“Do you have a spare pen? Mine just died.”


“Do you have an extra one?”

The prettiest girl is asking you something you impervious imp, ANSWER!

“Ya, take mine. I mean this one.”

“You have another one right?”

“I have plenty. Take it.”

“okay.” She smiled and took the pen.

Half of the lecture has already been slept off and now I don’t have a pen to right whatever else is left of it.
Use that one.
It’s empty.
So what, just act as if you is actually writing because if she notices...
Yea yes yes, great idea. Since when did you start talking sense?
Fuck you.

Half an hour later...


“Don’t sweat it.”

“Hey! But I owe you one okay. Ask for anything, anytime, anywhere. Don’t hesitate okay.”


“bye” and she walked away waiving her long dark ponytail, hypnotizing like a psychotherapeutic pendulum.

She said that she is owned by me.
Dude she is way out of your league.
You are the voice of my head, can you at least be supportive to me for once and stop talking like my mother.
Now, you’ll see that I’ll be the best friend and hopefully the only man of the most beautiful girl in the seven heavens. And I Hope that ‘mutton showroom’ boy-friend of hers will get dumped by her this very day.
HOPE! What happened to your anti-hope philosophy?
What anti-hope? It was a JOKE. I am a Hopeful Romantic.


The Hope of Surviving!

ON THE NIGHT  Li Xu Yang 23 died, there wasn't a single toy in sight. No ALEX the lion, no King JULIAN, no TRANSFORMERS BUMBLE BEE no IRON MAN no SHREK. The plastic characters she brought to life each day in some Chinese toy factory weren't around to see her frail body rocking back and forth on the bathroom floor. Nor did they hear her coughing up blood. They were already in the McDonald's shop to be gifted as a Happy Meal surprise for kids whose parents can afford to spend lavishly.

The medical examination couldn't reveal the exact cause of death. But there is a talk, which still holds true for several others. Friends and others attribute it to “death due to overwork”. After four years of making toys for McDonald's gimmicks it was like her slim body decided to finally say “No, I cannot continue making toys that will make lavish spenders happy. I refuse to breathe in the toxic environment around. I will not last another 20 hours shift for the sake of Rs. 100 wage per day.

Li Xu Yang a 23 year old girl who should have been studying, enjoying, socializing with other similar age group friends had very early in her life figured out that working in a paltry low wage toy factory was her only HOPE of pulling her family out of poverty.
HOPE does not have fair results every time!


Hope Rekindled

It had been two years since he was working in this roadside eatery. His dream of becoming an international chef was dimming day by day but seeing smiling faces of his humble customers did give him a sense of satisfaction.. As he stood there mulling, he saw a man all drenched running towards the dhaba...he started rolling rotis for him.

It was raining cats & dogs. On top of it his car broke down in the middle of the highway. 

Famished & tired, he looked around & saw a light some distance away. He ran towards it hoping for food & shelter. He sat on one of the benches & was promptly served hot rotis & subzi. As he put the first morsel in his mouth, he was astonished! Was the food really tasty or was it the hunger? After eating to his heart's satisfaction, he went inside for a light & enquired about the cook.

The cook, he came to know, had run away from home because of his passion for food. He had got shelter & a job here.

He went up to the cook & asked him if he would like to work alongside him in his restaurant in Delhi.

The cook's eyes lighted up... a reflection of rekindled hope in his heart!



A Hope…only she knows

“I’ll have one more cup of coffee if you bring it for me” ,a man sitting on the most corner table said as she passed him. While returning with an empty tray , Pari got a look at that man, in his twenties or so,dark hairs & a mustache. His shirt was open at the neck.
“ahh.., someone noticing” one of the other waitresses, said in her ear as she entered the kitchen.

Pari made a face & looks away.

“What? He’s cute”, go give him one more coffee, Nargis winked.

There is no point in this, Pari groused.

A little while later a boy tapped her on shoulder & handed her a small piece of apper written “seems like you can use it”, a phone number written under that.
That day returning from her work Pari lost in past one year reverie. How after death of her sis & her sister’s husband, Dona’s responsibility came over her.

At home, while fumbling through her purse to get a chocolate for Dona, that piece of paper landed in her hand and a thought , “she is of age when girls like to wear make-up & high heels & hold hands of someone besides a 1-yr old.

Something she has decided, she called at that number, talked for 1 min & smiled. She’s enjoying the attention. After a while, dressed up Pari knocked the neighbours door & pleads to an ederly woman to take care of Dona for some hrs & rushes to catch a bus.

“You came after all”, he smiled as she enters the coffee shop. She feels good, after ordering their coffee they talked for 2 hrs….he told everything about his life . Pari hides a lot while telling. Her eyes falls on his watch, she gets up in hurry & said , “I have work tomorrow”. He holds her from behind and leans to kiss her. “No can do” she said as she laugh. “what? You got a husband waiting for you?” he teases her.

Pari shook her head “No, a 1yr old daughter is”.

He looked like he’d been slapped.

“Her name is Dona”, Pari said picking her purse .

When Pari unlocked the door at 10, her neighbour was sitting on sofa next to Dona.
Pari looked over Dona and turned away, ashamed that she’d left her that night while she went out with some guy.

She closes herself in bathroom, thinking one day Dona might be embrassed to have a mother who worked as waitress & did’nt even have a inter high school completed.
But she kills this thought on a Hope , “may be, some day when Dona reaches her age, she’d be able to understand what it feels like, if you have to burn your wings exactly at the time when you’re all ready to open ‘em & fly”.



Param waited patiently at the local municipality office with his son and his father for his turn. 

"Aaj ye flood relief ka kaam khatam karke hi jaataa hun" he mumbled.
Their town had witnessed heavy flooding recently due to a nearby dam overflowing.  He himself was quite well to do and had no interest in the flood relief which the state had declared for the residents.

"Areeee aur kitna time lagegaa sahib.Hum garibon ke pet mein laath mat maariye janaab. Poori kheti beh gayi hai aur ghar mein ek daanaa anaaj nahi bacha" 

Param's attention immediately turned towards the commotion at a officer's desk nearby.

"Abbe Oye bhikari ki aulaad" The govt officer exclaimed "Jyaadaa shaanaa banega na toh saale nakli entry karke tere hisse ka anaaj aur paisa main le loonga. Jyaadaa hoshiyari na kar."
Just then as Param returned to his own file, He heard a thundering slap...


The next moment though, the officer was on the ground while the farmer who slapped him stood there fuming furiously. Param immediately left the place..
On the way back in his car, he exclaimed to his son "Bade hokar tum aise kabhi ni karoge, Samjhe... Ye kisi sarkaari naukar ko maarna fully galat baat hai. Yaar kuch rishwat de diya toh kya ho jata.. ISS DESH KA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA"

His father who was listening patiently interupted.. 

"Param, the last statement u made did hurt me a bit. 
Tht poor farmer had nothing to fall back on. Only the govt money which he is rightfully supposed to get.. In a way, he stood up for his rights..For in his mind, tht was the only hope which remained."

When I was in the freedom movement I always had the option to choose... Either peaceful means or revolutionary methods... But all were directed in one direction... A Ray of Hope... Independence to my nation... Though our methods were completely world apart, at no point did we even think ki iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta...

"Badlaav aayegaa, aur tum hi ye badlaav laoge.. mujhe yakin hai"

Param smiled...It had been 15 years since that incident in the year 2013.
And his dad was as always Right... The change had indeed arrived... Though through tough choices... Neverthless....


Her Story

She was shocked. She had no idea how to react after hearing the news.She didn't cry or speak a word with the people of the room. She couldn't recognise half of them. She was silent.

They met each other in college.They married after 5 years.They were a happy couple.Suddenly their life was completely changed when he was sent to war by the Govt.He promised her to write letter every week. She was too worried for him because  she had not received any letter from him for a long time.

After 3 months, she received a letter from Colonel to inform her that he died in battlefield.Her dreams were crushed, heart was broken.But she still felt his presence around her. She talked to him all time and made food for him.

After observing her abnormal behavior, her family sent her to a mental asylum. The doctor started shock therapy.She had no idea what was going on. Why her family thought that she was mad?

Now she is a permanent recident of the asylum. Her family didn't want to take her home.She have  not seen him again in her new home. She thinks that may be he is still angry on her because last time when she made food for him, she forgot to add salt in it. She still has a feelings of regret for that.She sits on balcony alone and stares at the road everyday.She still hopes that one day surely he will come to his love.



Hope .. The savior? 

She was with her family in New Delhi for check up.. Doctor said it needs to be operated.. again. The first foot surgery she went through made things worst. She was 13, her 13th bday was spent in the hospital during the first surgery.. After 5 months she was informed about her 2nd surgery she has to go through.. She hated being on the bed all the time.. But she had to be on a 3-4  months bedrest.. She was all shattered.. And this heartbreaking news of 2nd surgery ripped her apart.. She was just recovering and she had to go through one more major surgery.. The only thing left wirh her was hope.. Seeing her family cry.. She was just trying to collect hopes.. She ignored.. Ignored everything and kept hope.. It was scary.. For a 13 year old it was.. While she was heading towards the operation theatre, she was not sure if she'll be able to walk properly ever or not.. She managed not to lose hopes.. Her hopes were alive and so is she today.. Perfectly fine.. Doctors who once said its not easy are now happy with the way she recovered in last few years.. This is just another example of how keeping hope works.. How much it helps.. She won.. You lose only if you lose hopes.. Hope is that ray of light which sneaks in through the closed doors of your dark life n lights it up, again. 


a part of him knows its for the best...
as he gave up all his ambition towards acting
a part of him was terrified...
Coz no one was on his side to support him
a part of him was angry...
on himself he couldn’t appease anybody to fulfill his dreams…
a part of him was HOPEFUL….
About his future which was set by his father   
its all the pieces that made who he is



Hope, a feeling of optimism that things will turn out the way we expect them to. It is the source of all our energy, vitality & desire.

This is an account of a momentous period in a young girl’s life. Right from her childhood Sarah had been a sports enthusiast. She used to spend a lion’s share of her time indulging in strenuous & demanding sporting activities, tennis, swimming to name a few. Sports was her thing.

Her life was sailing smoothly a bit too smoothly for God’s liking and something had to go wrong. She started experiencing symptoms like chest pain and breathlessness while participating in the rigorous sporting activities and was subsequently diagnosed with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a heart condition that prevents its sufferers from indulging in arduous physical activities.

The young girl was left shattered, her hopes of becoming a professional athlete had been blown to smithereens and her grief was inconsolable. No amount of pleading by her parents could bring her out of this immense sorrow.

But with age, came maturity and one HOPE (the shattered one) was replaced by another which helped her to get back to normal life from the clutches of depression. Yes, her childhood dream remained a distant one, but the hope for a normal life helped assuage the seemingly incurable pain. In the end, her life was rescued by the optimism that only hope can provide.


Romance with life

Hope is when we continue to struggle despite difficulties, hurdles, obstacles that try to demovitate us. But we strive to win over it & move on with the hope that someday, it will be alright, this problem will come to an end, we'll solve it successfully. This struggle, this strife is what I call Romance with life.

When sombody fails in some venture, s/he loses hope. They commit suicide or stop making efforts, they submit to their opponants (situations/people), they lose the strength to struggle with odds anymore, which is a choice.. In that moment, they choose hatred for life, or to some it might be a burden which they can't carry; the romance with life ends. Hope vanishes & life ends.

Sometimes hope is sought from the elements of nature, for instance, breeze brushing our face as if caressing; or watching moon late night from balcony or terrace as if its pouring love; or the care of sunlight when shivering in cold; warmth of your partner; small effort of your child to comfort you; and sometimes conincidences transpire unexpectedly which make you smile in worst mood.. These coincidences are hope giving in disguise, they are sent by God to keep you going.. Thats another way of showering love n romance by life upon us.

One real life event to conclude, when I saw physically challenged children dancing on wheel chairs & with the help of each other in SatyaMev Jayate( a show host by Amir Khan) My heart told me they are romancing with life & you need to learn from them.. To keep dancing, to stay optimistic, no matter how adverse situation you are stuck in.. For you have legs & hands & brain, you can act & conquer whatever comes in your way.


 Love & hope entwined

She entered home, hiding her face & eyes from all the family members. She went in her room & closed the door. She laid on bed n wept vehemently. She was hiding her tears from whole world, from her family.

She had a heated argument with his boyfriend. She didn't share with her family or friends. She stayed aloof & wrote a mail about breaking up. She loved him very much. According to her she was right & according to his boyfriend he was right. This way no solution came out. She kept on typing with tearful eyes while  introspection was also going on at the back of her mind.

She fell asleep while typing that mail in her cell fone. She woke up after 3hours. Her mind was calm at this time. The sweet sound of wind chime entered her ears. She heard nothing except those chimes due to breeze as it was dangling near the window.

She got up from bed & looked at wind chime, it made her smile with its sweet sound. It gave her hope in those moments. She went near the window & peeped outside. Cool breeze caressed her face & she felt loved in those moments. Nature gave her hope to continue with her boyfriend & love him more. She decided to talk to him & find a solution. Hope helped her move on & leave tears behind.



This is story about hope of father from his son, relationship between father and son. Rohan is a single child of well known industrialist. Though he has wealth and all amenities but he is lacking in intelligence and smartness.  As being a single child parents always have so much expectations from their child. 

Rohan’s father always hopes that his child also become capable enough to handle his business so that Rohan can handle name and fame which his father have earned in society. But contradictory Rohan don’t like to join his father’s business as Rohan has least interest in business and more interest in creativity.

If Rohan would have said to his father that he don’t want to join his business it might be possible that father have possibly accept his request. But as being single child of his father he very well understands what his father hope from his son. Despite of his passion towards other profession, still to fulfil his father’s hope he joined his business.

Problems happen when parents hope that their children do what parents want. But at the same time children hope that their parents understand what they really want to do. Though hope always work in positive manner but sometimes expectation of parents is always more than capability of their children. And this hope can convert sometimes into negativity.  Sometimes because of parents hope and force children also come to know their inner ability like here Rohan came to know after fulfilling father’s expectation.



"I smoke weed to forget you. But then you get stuck to my mind even more. With a sudden shock, I came back to life, in a slow motion though. I wonder with whom was I talking before a few seconds, maybe minutes. A faint smile came over my lips, as if it overflowed from the Dam holding the emotions inside. Soon I realized the lines in background "

In the early morning light,
After a silent peaceful night.
You took my heart away;
O,I wish! Wish you could've stayed."
Again that image got stuck in front of my mind.

After some time, the voices inside my head started getting clearer. It felt like 2voices one optimist another pessimist were fighting.

Pessimist- " I told you she wont come. Everyday you stand there pointlessly making mockery of yourself.Please put an end to this grief."

Optimist -"Have faith in your love.If not today,maybe not even tommorrow, but one day she will turn up.Just like she used to.Please dont kill your hope.

P : Hope never dies, it fades.

O: Hope & fear go hand-in-hand. We all hope. Difference is for how long that hope remains alive in us.

P : Hopes are like balloons, they are bound to burst. But unlike them hopes hurt. A piece of soul dies everytime a hope is shattered.

O : No matter how much realistic we try to become.Hope wins. ALWAYS.

The voices grew faint again, I drifted to sheer darkness (sleep ) wishing it stays longer, FOREVER. 

NEXT DAY as it turned up, I decided to go. YES. 

The optimist smirked a little and the pessimist died a little.

She did not come. I returned. 

The Pessimist smirked a little and the optimist died a little.

My HOPES flew with that smoke forming a cloud and I am sitting here carelessly STONED. 


Theme for the upcoming week - CONTRASTS


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